An Artificially Intelligent Medical Knowledge Resource for Medical Education and Clinical Decision Support

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What is MedMap?

A medical education and clinical decision support tool for medical professionals which uses an intelligent, curated network of:
Diagnoses, symptoms, biomarkers, genes, molecular pathway
Relevant lab tests, imaging tests, physical exam maneuvers, and interview questions
Drugs, surgical procedures, and other therapies
Clinical trials, publications, and online resources

What can MedMap do for me?

  • Access a visuospatial interface for constructing differential diagnoses, evaluating next test plans, comparing treatment options, and accessing personalized medical information.
  • Search a networked medical knowledge repository by a set of symptoms to systematically find possible diagnoses which hadn't yet been considered.
  • Test clinical decision making with a Patient Case Simulator which can generate fake test results for any condition and be customized by educators for use in specific medical specialties.

Why MedMap?

All Stakeholders Benefit - Choosing tests and treatments with greater value, personalized to the specific patient, using the smart assistance of MedMap will benefit patients, doctors, hospitals, and payers.
Augmented Intelligence - There is a growing cumulated weight of medical knowledge, and it is challenging for medical students and clinicians to retain the full breadth of medical knowledge without assistance.
Personalized Medicine - MedMap's diagnoses, tests, and treatment information results are tailored specifically to the demographics and symptoms entered about a given patient case
Bias Reduction - Many biases affect decision making, including inappropriate weighing of probabilities, but this system is able to use known test sensitivities and specificies to suggest valuable tests
Research Awareness - New medical discoveries take over a decade to go from publication to integration into medical practice, but having a tool which connects clinicians to relevant medical knowledge specifically for their patients can reduce that gap.

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MedMap is patent pending and was created by Gavin Ovsak, a biomedical and software engineer and current MD/MBA student at Harvard Medical School and Harvard Business School.

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